Showtime Service

This is our premium residential plan which covers all surfaces of the house as well as furniture and beds.

Users of this service will include property managers, property sales stagers, allergy sufferers or property owners who just want spring time freshness without the effort.

Because of our low moisture system there is very little loss of use or inconvenience.

Apartment and Condo Complexes


This service is geared to the needs of larger buildings that have staff and need supplementation.

We provide complete carpet cleaning and maintenance solutions for halls and apartments.

We also provide the ability to clean the walls in a cost effective manner reducing the need to repaint in many cases.

Again our low moisture approach means that the surface cleaned is ready for use almost immediately.


Office Service

This program includes all the services of the above with special attention to the traffic areas as well as the surfaces seldom thought of like partitions and office furniture.

This service has the dual benefit of making the workplace a more pleasant area but it also reduces the amount of down time from infections and illness.

It also improves the life of your office machinery by removing the dust left behind by other cleaning methods which eventually makes it way into your computers and printers causing them to overheat.

Medical Service

This is for Clinics, Care Facilities, and Hospitals.

Generally in these environments there are no carpets to clean but an increased amount of germs. bacteria and dust/dirt on the other hard to reach surfaces.

Here we use a more aggressive and robust cleaning solution designed to have long lasting effectiveness that contains germicidal and bio-cidal elements.

Maintenance Plans

We at Quite Clean, Ltd believe that continued maintenance is the best and most economical way to protect your investments in your health and surroundings.

Because of this we are offering custom tailored maintenance plans to suit.

We look forward to talking to you about your cleaning needs.

Air Quality Testing

With all of the above services we offer the option of Air Quality Testing to establish safe guide lines to target for and maintain.